Target of “Intelligence” Community: Trump & You | Behind the Deep State – Video

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Target of “Intelligence” Community: Trump & You | Behind the Deep State

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Americans have been led to believe that the so-called “intelligence” community exists to keep the country safe from Communists, Islamists, and other threats. Unfortunately, the reality is quite the opposite. The CIA has been filled with Deep State agents and even communists, including at the top, since the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) days. And during the Obama years, the mask dropped, with multiple U.S. government agencies making clear that the real target of these enormous and powerful bureaucracies is YOU. More recently, the Deep State-controlled “intelligence” community has been waging open warfare against their boss and commander-in-chief, duly elected U.S. President Donald Trump. These criminals must be exposed and held accountable as soon as possible if America is going to survive.

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