Tell Me A Fact And I’ll Learn. Tell Me A Truth And I’ll Believe.
But Tell Me A Story, And It Will Live In My Heart Forever!

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Hi, I am a freelance writer, living in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. After some travels in my youth, I made the Berkshires my home in the late ’80s, where I raised my two sons. My childhood and Waldorf education were rich in art, music, handcraft, and cooking. All this inspired me to become an ardent creator whose craft tools are looms, vintage sewing machines, found objects, hammer, and nails. Other tools include wood-burning stoves, garden tools, cookbooks, and canning jars. I’m also the founder and designer at

About The Show

Tales of Wisdom is an ongoing series of stories from diverse cultures that teach morals for kids. The podcast is meant for busy families on the go to have something to listen to and chat about.

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The Shape Of Water

In the ancient days of China, there was a Taoist Master who lived in a hut deep within the mountains.



In distant ages of ice and stone, when the long, high glaciers of Norway poked their cold noses into Friesland, the shrine of Stavo the storm-god stood, in the city of Stavoren. These were poor times for the people of Stavoren. But many pilgrims came to worship at Stavo’s alters and new religion entered the land, and in time trade paths opened, to the warm lands of the south. Ships sailed out and brought back wealth, and a great, prosperous city sprang up to which the counts of Holland granted privileges, second to none. And the city glistened on the banks of the Zuider Zee for quite some time – but not forever.



One day a poor man tied his horse at noon hour to a tree and he sat down to eat his meal. A rich man came along and started to tie his horse to the same tree.



A  Folktale from Korea – Yun Ok and her husband lived in the country of Korea, where much of the land was used to cultivate rice. The rice paddies stretched in long, curving, bands from behind their neighboring villages like ribbons in multiple shades of green and gold, to where they reached to the base of the mountains beyond them. 


FIRE on the MOUNTAIN_A Folk Tale of Ethiopia

A story goes that in the ancient days of Ethiopia, the young boy Arha made his way out of the fertile country of Guraghe to find employment in the city of Addis Ababa. 


Robe of Feathers

Mio Strand is in the Province of Suruga. Its sand is yellow and fine, strewn with rose shells at the ebb tide. Its pine trees are ancient and they lean all one way, which is the way that the wild wind wills. Before Mio rolls the deep sea, and behind Mio rises Fuji, the most sacred, the mountain of mountains. Small marvel that the Strange People should come to Mio.