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Enter into the world of fairy tales as we teach our children about culture and moral traditions!

Tales of Wisdom
Tabitha Smiles

E2. The Selfish Giant!

Today we tell the famous tale from Oscar Wilde called the Selfish Giant. A beloved tale that has lasted for generations, The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde, one of the world’s greatest writers, tells the tale of a very selfish giant, his wonderful garden, the curious and playful village children, and, of course, the little child who changes the giant’s heart. A beloved classic in English literature, The Selfish Giant may be Oscar Wilde’s greatest story of redemption and forgiveness.

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Tales of Wisdom is an ongoing series of stories from diverse cultures that teach morals for kids. The podcast is meant for busy families on the go to have something to listen to and chat about.

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Hi, I am a freelance writer, living in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. After some travels in my youth, I made the Berkshires my home in the late ā€™80s, where I raised my two sons. My childhood and Waldorf education were rich in art, music, handcraft, and cooking. All this inspired me to become an ardent creator whose craft tools are looms, vintage sewing machines, found objects, hammer, and nails. Other tools include wood-burning stoves, garden tools, cookbooks, and canning jars. Iā€™m also the founder and designer at

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