Is Melbourne’s “Health Dictatorship” Our Future? Australian State Goes “Full Wuhan” – video

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How far will the COVID “saviors” go to save us? How about arresting pregnant moms in their PJs, conducting warrantless searches, imposing harsh quarantines and 8-5 curfews, employing surveillance drones, dishing out exorbitant fines, setting up police roadblocks/checkpoints, smashing automobile windows and dragging occupants out of their vehicles, and much more?

Paging Beijing Biden: Chinese State Media Says COVID Can be Used to Beat Trump

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Well, it’s obvious who the despotic Chinese government wants as our next president, and his initials are not D.J.T. Joe Biden is their man, a reality made clear by a China Global Television Network propaganda video essentially stating that the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic can be used to defeat President Trump.

JP Morgan Study: COVID Lockdowns INEFFECTIVE; Millions of Livelihoods Being Destroyed for NOTHING Written by Selwyn Duke

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Are politicians now continuing the lockdowns because admitting error — that they’re guilty of advancing one of American history’s greatest blunders — would mean political destruction? Are they continuing to destroy the careers of millions to save their own (when, perhaps, something more sinister is not at work)? Many may now draw this conclusion after yet another study, this one by establishment company JP Morgan, has found that the lockdowns have done nothing to alter the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic’s course.

Police Officer: No-go Zones Are “Now Foreign Enclaves … at War With France and With Western Civilization”

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France’s Wuhan coronavirus lockdown measures, which only began easing days ago, were among the world’s strictest. “Permits to leave one’s home were limited to 60 minutes, once a day, and no farther than half a mile,” writes the Gatestone Institute’s Dr. Guy Millière. Approximately 15.5 million people were stopped and checked, and 915,000 citations were issued.

“Blood on His Hands”: Cuomo Chose to Decide, and Nursing Home Elderly Died

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“Cuomo has blood on his hands,” said the Queens nursing home executive. “He really does.” There were many unknowns and disagreements early on in the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, involving matters ranging from the disease’s contagiousness to its actual mortality rate to whether it was seasonal. But one thing everyone knew, from the beginning, was that it was highly dangerous to the elderly.

Fla. Governor Rips Media: We’ve “Done Better” Than Completely Locked-down States – Video

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The media have been throwing shade on the Sunshine State’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts, but Governor Ron DeSantis will have none of it. Fielding reporters’ questions at President Trump’s side at the White House Tuesday, DeSantis defended his Wuhan Flu approach, pointing out that Florida is doing far better than “locked down” states with draconian policies.

Study: Lockdowns Save NO Lives. Are Politicians Destroying the Economy for NOTHING?

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Once the initial premise that Wuhan coronavirus patients would overwhelm the healthcare system without lockdowns in place collapsed, politicians moved on to justifying the measures based on saving lives overall — even though experts warn there’ll be a “second virus wave” regardless. But now even this claim is being refuted by a new study showing that there’s no evidence whatsoever that the lockdowns save lives.

Facebook to Ban Anti-lockdown Organizers; Calls Their Posts “Misinformation”

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The current Wuhan flu “lockdowns” were sold to Americans with the idea that if we didn’t “flatten the curve,” virus-related hospitalizations would overwhelm the healthcare system. Since then, even the “models” factoring in mitigation measures have been revealed as flawed, as having greatly exaggerated the hospitalization rate; this has collapsed the lockdown rationale.

Taiwan Releases E-mail Showing WHO Ignored Key COVID-19 Warning

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Taiwan released the contents of a December e-mail the country sent to the World Health Organization in which it inquired about the person-to-person spread of COVID-19, claiming the UN-sponsored group ignored Taiwanese officials and failed to provide proper information about combatting the virus.

Marxist UN WHO Boss Must Be Put on Trial, Critics Say

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With United Nations World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia serving as a mouthpiece for the Communist Party of China on the global stage, questions and concerns about his shadowy communist past are growing louder. Considering his scandal-plagued background, critics have gone so far as to say that “Marxist revolutionary” Tedros should be on trial for crimes against humanity — not sitting atop the WHO barking orders at national governments and peddling Beijing’s propaganda to humanity. So far, though, the establishment media has largely remained silent about the emerging firestorm.

#China is not sending Its best! Now test kits are #infecting people with #CCPvirus!

We talk today about why #China is cheating the world and not showing their best sides now. From failed test kits to tainted test kits, to selling donated goods back to the countries who sent that supply to them. What will the not do? Did #China set up this #coronavirus (#Wuhan Virus, #CCPvirus) #pandemic to be part of its #military strategy? We talk about all this and more.

Kissinger’s Call for a New World Order

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Among the works that first brought Henry Kissinger to academic acclaim was “A World Restored,” his 1950s book about how the greatest diplomats of Europe met at the Congress of Vienna to restore order to a continent shattered by the Napoleonic Wars.

China Insider Talks about China’s Suppression Methods

We speak today to Jack Lee a #Chinese refugee from #China who worked for many years as a renowned TV Journalist for a large network in China. Jack explains how and why the #CCPvirus was covered up and what the #Chinese #Communist #Party is trying to do now with blaming the US for the pandemic!

Iranian “Experts”: Coronavirus May Be American “Ethnic Weapon” That Targets Iranians, Chinese – VIDEO

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The Wuhan flu may be a bio-weapon, the latest theory goes — but not one that might have somehow escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Instead, the claim is that the disease was created in American “bio-terrorism” labs and designed as an “ethnic weapon” that targets the genome of Iranians and Chinese, according to news outlet MEMRI.

Corona Con-man Cuomo? The N.Y. Governor’s Newfound, Phony Life Ethic

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“My mother is not expendable, and your mother is not expendable,” said New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo at a recent news conference on the Wuhan coronavirus. “And our brothers and sisters are not expendable. And we’re not going to accept a premise that human life is disposable. And we’re not going to put a dollar figure on human life. The first order of business is save lives, period — whatever it costs.”

Brad Johnson: #CCPVirus & #China

Today we finish our interview with #Brad #Johnson retired as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the #Central #Intelligence #Agency’s Directorate of Operations. We continue our discussion on the #China threat to the US and the #Wuhan #Virus! Why should it be called the #Wuhanvirus or the #CCP Virus?

President Trump to Nation: No More Travel to or From Europe

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With the nation on the edge of its seat facing the threat of pandemic Coronavirus and the simultaneous meltdown of financial markets, President Trump addressed the American people from the White House to announce a range of sweeping measures.

Coronavirus Update: Interview with Dr. Lin Xiaoxu

Today we speak with #Dr. Lin Xiaoxu, a Chinese and American trained microbiologist. He was lab director of viral disease branch of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research who was involved in the outbreak response for #MERS in the Middle East in 2014. Dr. Lin explained the history of the SARS pandemic in China and how they handle this kind of thing before.

Citing Coronavirus, China Locks Down Wenzhou and Its 9 Million People

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In an ominous new development, the Chinese government has locked down the city of Wenzhou, China’s 15th largest, a growing sign that the coronavirus outbreak is defying efforts of the Chinese government to contain it. Wenzhou is a very important industrial, technological, cultural, and academic center on the coast of southern Zhejiang Province, across from Taiwan. Wenzhou has become the first Chinese city outside of the Wuhan area to be locked down.

Wuhan Coronavirus Turned Into Political Show? Dr. Lin Xiaoxu

Is the #Wuhan #Coronavirus outbreak going to stay at the level of #SARS, MERS and Ebola or is it going to be much worse? How are the #Chinese people coping with the crisis? And what’s the Communist leadership’s bottom line if the epidemic grows out of control ? My interview with #Dr.LinXiaoxu, a Chinese and American trained microbiologist. He was lab director of viral disease branch of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research who was involved in the outbreak response for #MERS in the Middle East in 2014

Coronavirus: W.H.O declares a Worldwide Emergency!

The Coronavirus outbreak is now a Global worldwide emergency according to the World Health Organization. What should America do? What is the bigger picture here? Does this relate to the Globalist elite's fear of losing their power worldwide and is this their last-ditch card to keep control?

Coronavirus II? Scientists Find 28 UNKNOWN Viruses in Chinese Glacier; Melt Could Unleash Them

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China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. But recently discovered viruses locked in its Guliya ice cap on the northwestern Tibetan Plateau are far older than the Middle Kingdom is, dating back 15 millennia. Of course, while scientists are rightly curious about these ancient and unknown quantities, they’re also concerned — about what could happen if these viruses are unleashed by an ice melt-off.

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