India-China Confrontation & Child Murder Executions in DC

While America and the world are distracted by protests and riots other bigger events are unfolding. Like #China gearing up for war in the Southeast China Sea. The #Chinese #Communist #Party is intimidating its neighbors and breaking international law on territories, not to mention the problems with the alarming rise of a 2nd #Wuhan Virus (#Covid19) outbreak.

FCC Commissioner: Schiff Violated Rights by Probing Private Phone Calls

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House intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff was censured by a member of the Federal Communications Commission for participating in the “secret and partisan” act of collecting and diffusing private phone records during the impeachment investigation into President Trump.

UN Human Rights Boss, a Socialist, Slams Trump

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United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet blasted the Trump administration for its policies on immigration, the environment, and more. According to the far-left UN boss, a Chilean socialist with close ties to mass-murdering communist dictatorships, the U.S. government threatens everything from water and children to “human rights.” Many Third World regimes, by contrast, were praised by Bachelet for their alleged progress in complying with UN demands.

FedGov Coronavirus Response: National Emergency, House-passed Big-spending Bill

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In an extraordinary press conference during an early Spring afternoon in the White House Rose Garden on Friday, March 13, President Trump, surrounded by the vice president, federal agency heads, and industry leaders, announced the declaration of a national emergency to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV2, the agent that causes the sometimes serious disease COVID-19.

Crony Christmas Lists Crammed Into Congressional Crisis

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Here we go again. We’re approaching another deadline to pass a government spending bill or risk a government shutdown. Legislators routinely manufacture this sort of “crisis” to ram through provisions that wouldn’t survive scrutiny standing on their own. Congress is reportedly likely to push the budget deadline into December, but whenever the next full funding bill is finally taken up, there will inevitably be an effort to load it up with crony handouts.

China’s Genocide Is Not an MSNBC Joke — Wenyi Wang Informs Rachel Maddow

Today we have a very special and inspiring guest, Dr. Wenyi Wang. She’s here to talk about the atrocities, specifically the evil medical practices happening in China, and she also has a special message for the liberal TV personality, Rachel Maddow, host of her MSNBC namesake show, who made some erroneous and insulting comments on her show about Wenyi.

Prayers for the President Continue in Washington and the White House

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From the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has encouraged prayers for himself and for the country. The TV evangelist who brought Trump to faith in Jesus Christ, Paula White, played a key role during his inauguration and then again during the president’s reelection rally in Orlando last June.

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