Are China and India going to War? 

Chinese pushes India to action high in the Himalayas. Info sketchy, but India won recent skirmishes. Fighting equipment coming in, so is a war coming? Brad Johnson, CIA Chief of Station (Ret.) and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, tells you why to watch this carefully despite our distracting domestic issues. It's serious stuff people need to hear. 

Is it Jaw-Jaw or War With Iran?

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“Jaw-jaw is better than war-war,” is attributed, wrongly, say some historians, to Winston Churchill. Still, the words lately came to mind.

Communist War on Chile – VIDEO

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The New American interviews Dr. Carlos Casanova, a Venezuelan lawyer and professor of philosophy of law at the Universidad Santo Tomás and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Dr. Casanova escaped socialism in Venezuela, a few years into the reign of Marxist leader Hugo Chavez. Now in Chile, Dr. Casanova sees the communists and socialists employing the same revolutionary strategy to take over the country.

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