Rutgers University Tackles “Racist” Proper Grammar Standards

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The implicit bias of liberals is on full display at Rutgers University, where the English Department declared proper grammar to be “racist” and stated it was exemplary of “white supremacy.” The announcement prompted outcry from minority groups who recognized that the notion is discrminatory because it assumes that non-white students cannot be held to the same standards of writing as whites.

Riding the COVID Wave, Non-citizen Flippy, at $3 an Hour, to Replace White Castle Workers – video

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Well, Flippy finally has a new job. It was March when I reported on the burger-flipping kitchen worker, who does his job dutifully, never goes home, doesn’t get sick or take bathroom breaks and won’t unionize — and can be had for $3 an hour. He’s also a non-citizen who doesn’t need a visa and doesn’t care if you have a beef with his taking your job. Flippy, you see, is a robot.

“Woke” About OTHERS’ Sins — Prince Harry: Repent for Colonialism

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To avoid becoming yesterday’s man who gets cancelled today, everyone now needs his own metaphorical statue to topple. Though lacking a football field to kneel on, Prince Harry, the transplanted royal pain in the Left Coast, has found his. He’s throwing shade on what the sun has already set on: the British Empire.

Meet Flippy the Burger Chef, Who Never Sleeps or Goes Home — and Makes $3 an Hour

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A new Karl Marx can come along shouting “Workers of the world, unite!” but Flippy the burger chef will hear none of it. An employee even illegal aliens can’t compete with, he does his job dutifully, never goes home, doesn’t get sick or take bathroom breaks and won’t unionize — and can be had for $3 an hour. And if you have a beef with his undercutting you, he doesn’t care. Flippy, you see, is a robot.

Virginia’s Second Amendment Attack

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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam apologized for his medical school blackface stunt, but he will have much more to apologize for if he signs into law a bill that attacks Virginia citizens' Second Amendment rights. The measure is Senate Bill 16, which would ban "assault" firearms and certain firearm magazines. Since Democrats have seized control of Virginia's General Assembly, they are likely to push hard for strict gun control laws. Those laws will have zero impact on Virginia's criminals and a heavy impact on Virginia's law-abiding citizens who own, or intend to own, semi-automatic weapons for hunting or their protection. As a friend once explained to me, "I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop."

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