Democrats Subpoena Secretary of State Pompeo for Biden Records

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Democrats in the House issued a subpoena for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (shown) based on claims that he helped Republicans in the Senate promote conspiracy theories related to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Ukrainian President Denies Quid Pro Quo With Trump — Again

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pushed back at speculation that he discussed a quid pro quo with President Trump involving a link between U.S. military aid and a request to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden’s dealings with the Ukrainian firm Burisma Holdings.

Trumping Democrats: President Promises to Release Transcript of First Call to Zelensky

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Democrats are scrambling. Having leveraged (read: gambled) what little political capital and credibility they still have on the risky business of impeaching a president they seem to know they can’t beat, they are grasping at straws to hold the narrative together — grasping and failing. With President Trump announcing Tuesday that he plans to release the transcript of his first call to the president of Ukraine “before week’s end,” it appears the grasping and failing of Democrats will continue.

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