Profanity, Violence, Sex Increasing on TV Rated for Children

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New research is revealing some alarming statistics about what kids are seeing on TV. The latest report from the Parents Television Council (PTC), a group that monitors and exposes the ever-increasing presence of objectionable programming on television, shows that over the past 10 years profanity, violence, and sexually explicit content have been been getting worse on TV. What’s more, networks and program producers are willfully ignoring the ratings system supposedly designed to help parents navigate their children around unacceptable TV content.

Violence Continues in Aftermath of Disputed Bolivian Election

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Bolivia’s incumbent President Evo Morales of the MAS-IPSP (Movement for Socialism — Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples) political party has claimed victory over former President Carlos Mesa. According to, the final vote count shows Morales the winner with 47.08 percent and Mesa having 36.51 percent.

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