Today France, Tomorrow the USA?

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As that rail and subway strike continued to paralyze travel in Paris and across France into the third week, President Emmanuel Macron made a Christmas appeal to his dissatisfied countrymen: "Strike action is justifiable and protected by the constitution, but I think there are moments in a nation's life when it is good to observe a truce out of respect for families and family life." Macron's appeal has gone largely unheeded.

Today’s Top Stories | Q in Review E.3 Royals, UK, MI5 & MI6

In the ensuing months that followed this first Q post about the Royal family, a total of 81 posts were made on this topic, thus linking the U.K. Royal family and the U.K.’s Intelligence community to the established Deep State in America, with all being dictated to by this Elite group. Today we look at the history of the English Royal Family and the role they have played on the World stage in the past 100 or so years...

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