Black Lives Matter is a Marxist Group Backed by Billionaires | Behind the Deep State – video

In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the truth about Black Lives Matter: It is a Marxist group working to dismantle liberty, Christianity, family, society, private property, civilization, and the U.S. Constitution. It is also based on complete lies and fabrications. Do not let the name fool you. Indeed, the founders of BLM boast that they are Marxists. And when you boil down Marxism to its essence, it is Satanism, a complete repudiation of everything that God has called good. Their own website brags about their evil agenda to destroy the nuclear family and have the "village" take over child rearing while promoting LGBTQ+ extremism.

Swamp Monsters in the Bureaucracy | Behind The Deep State – VIDEO

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In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman digs into the "Deep State" operating within the federal bureaucracy. These operatives, especially in the Senior Executive Service, are working to undermine the U.S. Constitution, persecute enemies, wage war on Trump, and continue America's decline into statism and globalism. They love Hillary Clinton and total federal power. And they have powerful tools at their disposal to destroy those who stand in their way.

Scary Proposal From Convention of the States Project

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Almost five years ago, in 2016, a group of state legislators got together in Virginia where they agreed to push for an Article V constitutional convention. Claiming that their proposal would be limited to only the amendments they have in mind, they ignored the historical reality that a constitutional convention (Con-Con) cannot be limited, and can do great harm. This easily understood fact is why there has never been a Con-Con in the 240 years since the U.S. Constitution took effect.

Book Review: “Liberty in Peril: Democracy and Power in American History”

Book Review: “Liberty in Peril: Democracy and Power in American History”

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“There must certainly be a vast fund of stupidity in human nature, else men would not be caught as they are, a thousand times over, by the same snare; and while they yet remember their past misfortunes, go on to court and encourage the causes to which they were owing, and which will again produce them.”

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