Lone Star State Blues? Ted Cruz Says Texas (and Thus the Presidency) in Play for Dems in 2020

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The Democrats are going to mess with Texas in 2020. So says Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who predicts that a massive Democrat turnout in the coming November 3 contest will threaten President Trump’s re-election chances. He also states, however, that the impeachment effort has helped Trump, transforming his second-term prospects from “a coin flip” proposition into something greater.

Texas Town Becomes Seventh to Declare Itself a Sanctuary City for the Unborn

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Westbrook, Texas, has become the seventh sanctuary for unborn babies in the state after the town voted unanimously on the pro-life ordinance last week. Westbrook marks the first city in West Texas to declare itself a pro-life sanctuary, prompting abortion advocates to set their sights on the area, pro-lifers claim.

Texas Uncovers 95,000 Non-Citizens On It’s Voter Rolls

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The state of Texas has recently uncovered 95,000 non-citizens on its voter rolls and more alarmingly, 58,000 have voted in elections going back to 1996. This new discovery does now raise concerns about widespread voter fraud in the state.

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