China Masses Missile Launchers Within Range of Taiwan

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International news reports have shown satellite images of amphibious armored vehicles and mobile missile launchers of the People's Liberation Army massing at military bases in China’s Eastern Theatre Command — in China’s coastal region. These movements place Chinese missiles within range of Taiwan.

China’s Two New Aircraft Carriers to Take Part in Intimidating War Games

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China’s two new aircraft carriers, the Liaoning and Shandong , will take part in war games near disputed areas of the South China Sea this summer. A report in the British newspaper The Sun observed that this will be the first time China’s new aircraft carriers will deploy together — a move that has sparked fears in Taiwan of a possible invasion of its Pratas islands, which could then be used as a staging point for an attack on Taiwan.

Taiwan Releases E-mail Showing WHO Ignored Key COVID-19 Warning

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Taiwan released the contents of a December e-mail the country sent to the World Health Organization in which it inquired about the person-to-person spread of COVID-19, claiming the UN-sponsored group ignored Taiwanese officials and failed to provide proper information about combatting the virus.

#China is not sending Its best! Now test kits are #infecting people with #CCPvirus!

We talk today about why #China is cheating the world and not showing their best sides now. From failed test kits to tainted test kits, to selling donated goods back to the countries who sent that supply to them. What will the not do? Did #China set up this #coronavirus (#Wuhan Virus, #CCPvirus) #pandemic to be part of its #military strategy? We talk about all this and more.

China Insider Talks about China’s Suppression Methods

We speak today to Jack Lee a #Chinese refugee from #China who worked for many years as a renowned TV Journalist for a large network in China. Jack explains how and why the #CCPvirus was covered up and what the #Chinese #Communist #Party is trying to do now with blaming the US for the pandemic!

Taiwan Getting Ready: More Money Poured Into Military

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Taking into account the threat of invasion by China, the government of Taiwan has proposed increasing military spending for the next year to a record high. The proposal is awaiting approval by lawmakers.

Islands With Backbones: Solomon Islands Voices Support for Taiwan

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A group of MPs from the Solomon Islands have written an open letter, warning that sacrificing diplomatic ties with Taiwan to develop relations with China will be bad for the country. The letter, written by 16 MPs, comes after Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare announced a special task force to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of ditching the country’s 36-year long diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

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