Are Europeans Fed Up With Liberalism — Even in Sweden?

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The Sweden Democrats Party — a party of the Right — is now the second-largest political party in Sweden, the country that has long been held up as the model for democratic socialists in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Instead of pandering to the latest leftist cause, the Sweden Democrats Party is rejecting much of their secular and socialistic agenda.

Population Replacement: As Migrants Swamp Sweden, Swedes Start Fleeing

One might say something here about the “best laid plans of mice and men,” except that there was nothing well conceived about Europe’s recent years’ admittance of waves of Muslim migrants. Just consider Sweden, which had led the world in absorbing the most migrants per capita (and in value signaling) and now finds that, sometimes, when you lead you bleed. And some Swedish cities — and to an extent the nation itself — are now bleeding native Swedes as they flee migrant-born crime and social ills.

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