Microsoft Wants to Buy TikTok, but Has a History of Working With China

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Microsoft, which seeks to purchase the Chinese social-media app TikTok after the Trump administration moved to ban it over concerns that it feeds user information to the Chinese Communist Party, has its own ties to the People’s Republic that should worry U.S. regulators. 

Does China Want To Take Over The World? | Part 3 of Interview with John Stilides

This is America daily, bringing you the best in truthful news and in-depth reports happening now.  Today join us on Zooming In with Host Simone Gao. This is Part Three of her interview with John Stilides who is a geopolitical strategist at Trilogy Advisors. In this interview they will discuss the question, Does China want to take over the world?  What are China’s global ambitions?

Prepare for a Conflict: Malaysian Minister Readies Navy

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The foreign minister of Malaysia, Saifuddin Abdullah, wants his country’s navy to remain prepared to deal with any conflict in the South China Sea. His statement, made at the lower house of the Parliament, is seen as an indication that Malaysia might be thinking of moving away from the policy of non-militarization of the South China Sea it has observed till now.

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