Communist War on Chile – VIDEO

The New American interviews Dr. Carlos Casanova, a Venezuelan lawyer and professor of philosophy of law at the Universidad Santo Tomás and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Dr. Casanova escaped socialism in Venezuela, a few years into the reign of Marxist leader Hugo Chavez. Now in Chile, Dr. Casanova sees the communists and socialists employing the same revolutionary strategy to take over the country.

War on South Africa | Behind the Deep State – VIDEO

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the truth about South Africa. He dives deep into history and comes all the way up to the present day, where genocidal racist communists are working to exterminate the Afrikaner Boer people group. South Africa, where the Deep State forced diverse nations to live under one unitary regime, is a microcosm of what is coming to the entire world if humanity does not wake up.

How the Soviets Used Art to Further Their ‘Communist Utopia’
Russian stamp art, 1968, of a 1939 poster of a peasant kissing a soldier of the "Army of Liberation" on a Soviet propaganda poster issued after the joint Nazi-Soviet invasion of Poland. According to Soviet propaganda, the Red Army entered Poland to liberate and protect the "Ukrainian-Belarussian brothers." The text reads: "Our army is an army that liberates workers."

How the Soviets Used Art to Further Their ‘Communist Utopia’

Today we welcome back artist and Soviet expat Yulia Tullar. She gives us an insight into the art world and how the Soviet Union viewed and utilized the arts to further their communist utopia.

Sanders Would Spend Nearly $200 Trillion, Employ 85M in Gov’t Over 10 Years

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In 2016 during Bernie Sanders’ first run for president, Investor’s Business Daily called him “the bum who wants your money.” Sanders failed at everything he tried, IBD explained, except yakking about socialism and the crimes of the rich. Now, 29 years after he was elected to Congress, he’s still yakking about socialism but has become one of the rich. In other words, he’s learned nothing about economics in those three decades, likely because he got rich through elected politics, not private enterprise.

We Can’t Make it on Our Own

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The Blind Girl (1856) is a painting by John Everett Millais. The scene was painted on the road just outside the quaint, medieval town of Winchelsea near the coast of southern England. In 19th century England, John Everett Millais established the Pre-Raphaelite movement in painting which shifted away from the stiff and heroic, neo-classical themes that were the staple of his time. Millais and his fellow Pre-Raphaelite companions explored narratives in their works that brought us into the effeminate world of nurturing care, empathy, and intuition.

How Communist Criminals Hide Behind UN Immunity – Video

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the legions of communist criminals hiding behind diplomatic immunity offered by the United Nations. First on the list is Michelle Bachelet, the UN "High Commissioner for Human Rights," who has now been exposed to receiving bribes from OAS.

UN “Human Rights” Chief Tied to Communist Network’s Corruption

The top United Nations official dealing with “human rights,” Chilean socialist Michelle Bachelet, is embroiled in a massive Latin American corruption scandal involving a powerful international network of communists and crony tycoons. Among other charges, Bachelet was accused of accepting bribe money from a major company during her successful 2013 presidential campaign.

Harper’s Magazine Forum: The Problem Is the Constitution

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In its October 2019 edition, Harper’s Magazine asked the question, “Do We Need the Constitution?” on its cover. In fact, the article, based on a forum at the New York University law school this past spring, concluded that the Constitution is the source of what it sees as most of our modern political problems.

Do It Like Denmark?

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The Scandinavian countries are held out as the models of socialist success, but as the old saying goes, “Be careful about what you wish for. You just might get it.”

The Deadly History of Socialism

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Many Americans, especially young people, want to get rid of capitalism — because of its inequality — and install socialism as a replacement. But such a plan has been tried all over the world, with disastrous results.

Socialist Realities

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The flaws of socialism are somewhat hidden in countries that enacted socialism after they were wealthy, but in countries that instituted it when they were poor, the trends are clear.

Saving America With Socialism?

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“Progressives” claim that the best proof that socialism would work in this country to fix our problems with welfare, healthcare, and more is that socialism is already working here. But is it? Let's take an in-depth look at America's set up.

The Failure of the Command Economy

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Socialist systems inevitably result in three things: shortages and restrictions on products and services, the reduction or removal of free speech and other freedoms, and government surveillance of the populace.

Socialism Explained

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Socialism means different things to different people — from Medicare for All to complete government control of society — so we explain what it is, as well as misconceptions about it.

The Ugly Legacy of the French Revolution

The Ugly Legacy of the French Revolution Written by  Steve Byas Thirty years ago, France marked the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, celebrated officially as a great event, but remembered…

Exclusive Behind the Scenes: Curtis Bowers, Director of “Agenda: Grinding America Down”
Curtis-Bowers Agenda: Grinding America Down

Exclusive Behind the Scenes: Curtis Bowers, Director of “Agenda: Grinding America Down”

In 1992 Curtis Bowers was a Graduate student at the Univ. of California Berkeley. After gaining an invitation at the Communist Party USA meeting and came back as a changed man. This was a 3-day meeting with Academics & scholars, and activists openly discussing in a State University about how to subvert American values in order to bring Communism to America.

Interview with former Principal Reagan Advisor Dr. John Lenczowski (Part 1)

On today’s show, we have an interview with Dr. John Lenczowski. He has some interesting things to say about the state of America & Communism that is happening here today. Dr. Lenczowski is the President of The Institute of World Politics, he was also the Former Principal Advisor to President Reagan on Soviet Affair,  as well as a Former Director of European and Soviet Affairs, and was on the National Security Council.

Naked Communist-Interview with Paul Skousen (Part 2)

The Naked Communist is a 1958 book by American and political theorist W. Cleon Skousen, a former FBI special agent. Today in part two we have the honor of speaking to his son Paul Skousen about his father’s work and how much of what his father predicted has come true in today’s society. Did we learn anything from history?

How President Reagan Successfully Fought Communism! E.5
10/11/1986 Trip to Iceland Reykjavik Summit Arrival of General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev at Hofdi House

How President Reagan Successfully Fought Communism! E.5

President Reagan had deep knowledge of communist tactics and low morals through his former work. He was not afraid to take a stance and fight back.

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