Elementary Curriculum Demands Students Be “Agents of Change”
Nottingham Elementary School students in class. (File photo) Courtsey Photo by Arlington Public Schools.

Elementary Curriculum Demands Students Be “Agents of Change”

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As part of a “Racial Literacy Curriculum,” elementary-school students across at least eight states are being ordered to become racist “agents of change” and engage in fringe left-wing activism. But the program is stirring nationwide criticism and ridicule after being exposed.

Prof. Rectenwald: “Social Justice” Threatens Everything – Video

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In this exclusive interview with The New American's Alex Newman, Professor Rectenwald highlights the enormous danger that the so-called “social justice” movement poses to freedom and civilization. This ideology of tyranny is now being taught to American students at school and universities, threatening everything good. Rectenwald also discusses the hidden history of this dangerous movement.

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