No Post-convention Bounce for Biden; Trump Gains Four Points Instead

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The liberal Washington Post saw what was coming and warned its mostly Democrat readers last Thursday not to expect much of a bounce in the polls for the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee Joe Biden. Journalist Karen Tumulty provided some excuses: “It won’t be surprising if the polls don’t show a “bounce” from a four-night political event.… The nightly audiences were smaller than they have been for recent party conventions. And those had been losing viewers over the decades since they have lost their suspense and [have instead] turned into infomercials.”

Poll Shows Public Dead-set Against Biological Males Competing Against Females in Sports

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In a new poll released by Just the News in conjunction with veteran pollster Scott Rasmussen, registered voters were asked if biological males identifying as female should be allowed to compete in women’s sporting events. A vast majority of those polled said that so-called transgender females should not be allowed to compete against actual females in sporting contests.

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