Points of Control: HAARP, Dr. Royal Rife, Energy Race

In our continued discussion about energy weapons and technologies, we continue to look at HAARP's real capabilities, we look at the Rife machine, and look at the history of why the US got into an energy weapon race with Russia that led to the creation of particle beam weapons.

Points of Control: Scalar Waves & Mind Control

Welcome back to the Points of Control series! Today we speak about the big topic of Mind Control. If things are controlling us in society at large, then we need to explore how Mind Control works so that the following episodes will better explain these phenomena. Things are really more connected than we know and by looking at the bigger picture we can start to piece things together.

Russia Collusion: Kremlin Funds Anti-American Activism at UN – VIDEO

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MADRID -- In an apparent effort to hamper American energy and boost Russian fossil fuels, the Kremlin has been pouring money into "green" groups and "climate change" activists. At the United Nations "COP25" summit in Spain this week, The New American magazine's foreign correspondent Alex Newman went looking for answers.

Uyghur Twins Risk Being Deported From Russia

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Two Uyghur brothers, 23-year-old Shahrizat and Shahdiyar Shavkat, who currently live in Russia, are at risk of being deported to China. The twins fear that they might be sent to one of the concentration camps Beijing has set up for their community should they ever go back to their homeland.

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