Democrats in Swing Districts Fear Impeachment Backlash

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According to Washington Post reporter Rachel Blade, speaking to CNN on Sunday, “behind the scenes” an increasing number of Democrats in swing districts are getting “cold feet” about going through with an impeachment vote on President Donald Trump.

RINOs Join Democrats in Congress to Push Climate Hoax

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Despite being ridiculed as a “hoax” by President Donald Trump on the campaign trail, liberal Republican members of Congress are quietly working to convert enough GOP lawmakers on the man-made global-warming hypothesis. The goal: To make drastic “climate action” possible. Lobbyists for Big Climate — an alliance that includes billionaire globalists, Big Oil, the mega-banks, and more — expressed optimism that easing Republican opposition could pave the way for “strong” legislation combating the gas humans exhale (CO2). But with Trump withdrawing from the United Nations “Paris Agreement,” it appears that critics of climate alarmism and pseudo-science currently have the upper hand.

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