Brexit Deal Finally Passes House of Commons — UK Set to Leave the EU in Three Weeks

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After December’s paradigm-shifting general election in the United Kingdom, it might have seemed a bit anticlimactic, but on Thursday the House of Commons passed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal with the European Union by a healthy margin of 330 – 231. The vote would seemingly put an end to more than three years of political fearmongering, unwarranted delay and prevarication by “Remainer” politicians and pundits.

Boris Johnson Plays Queen Card: Monarch Agrees to Shut Down Parliament Ahead of Brexit

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Queen Elizabeth II has granted a request by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament ahead of the October 31 date for Great Britain to leave the European Union. The highly controversial move will allow far less time for parliamentary debate ahead of the new deadline and increases the odds of a no-deal Brexit, which some claim would be disastrous for Great Britain’s economy.

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