No More “Peaceful Protests” – Video

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Dr. Duke Pesta is joined by Dr. Steve Turley of to discuss a few of the recent riots. Dr. Turley tells us a new left is rising, and it resembles the old reich. A civil war is igniting between the new radical left and the patriotic, police backed left. The conflict is being seen as riots such as the incidents in Portland, Kenosha, and Seattle. Nobody is seeing the riots as "peaceful protests" anymore. He reminds us that we shouldn't be trying to fight racism, but demonic ideas behind racism. We wouldn't have to worry about the mayhem if democratic mayors and governors fulfilled their law keeping responsibilities, Dr. Turley says.

Portland Police Battle Reds Again. Revolutionaries Bring Guillotine to Riot

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The Red rioters who attacked a police station in Portland on Friday attempted to assault another law-enforcement building last night. Cops arrested 14 of the leftist goons, who changed their target, but not their tactics. The black-bloc raiders came prepared for battle with helmets and other gear, then tossed eggs, rocks, and glass bottles at police.

Portland Under Siege by Antifa and Other Left-wing Terrorists

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Portland is a city with a long history and reputation of supporting left-wing politics and offering a home to like-minded social misfits. That reputation has come back to haunt the city in a big way, as for 39 straight days domestic terrorists have engaged in protest after riotous protest in a misguided attempt to “burn the system down.”

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