Are the sanctions in Iran working?- Video

How did America get entangled in Iran, to begin with? And what could be Iran’s true motives for its behavior in the past few months? Today we talk about our history in the Middle East, Iran, & Iraq and how the sanctions are working!

Separation of Truth and State? Why the Church Must be in Politics

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If a civilization may be judged by what it puts in the closet, speaking volumes in today’s America is that Christianity is being closeted — often by Christians. Making this point recently was James Gottry, vice president for public policy at the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute.

Good to Be Guided by Politicos?

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Many Democrats and so-called progressives now officially consider themselves to be “Democratic Socialists.” There are lots of definitions of Democratic Socialist, but they all, as Frances Fox Piven, a political scientist at the City University of New York and a former Democratic Socialists of America board member, told the news site Vox, “have in common ... either the elimination of the market or its strict containment” — containment achieved through empowering government.

How to Get Better at Persecuting People

China has been upgrading its persecution technology over its entire history! And the techniques it perfected in the anti-Falun Gong campaign are now being used to "identicide" the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. We talk to China researcher and scholar Matthew Robertson.

#12 Cooking with Authority

Can Putin cook? How about Xi Jinping? Shelley comes up with the most brilliant reality TV idea ever! A cook off between the world's most prominent dictators. We call it—Cooking…

QAnon: Who or What is it?

Who is the mysterious 4chan and 8chan poster QAnon? Is it someone in the Trump Administration? Is it someone with high level security clearance?

#8 Cold War 2 and Chinese Coup

The US government is setting its sights on the Chinese Communist Party. Michael Collins, the deputy assistant director of the CIA's East Asia Mission Center said at the Aspen Security Forum that the US is in another Cold War with China. And the Director of the FBI Christopher Wray says China is the "most challenging, most significant threat," to the United States.

#7 The Invasion of Taiwan feat. Ian Easton

China wants to invade Taiwan, which is practically a guarantee of World War III. We sit down with Ian Easton of the Project 2049 Research Institute to discuss the Chinese Communist Party's ultimate plan for the One China Policy, and how the United States would and should respond.

#6 Standing Up to Authoritarian Regimes

Chris Chappel, Shelley Zhang, Matt Gnaizda discuss their trip to the Olso Freedom Forum. China Unscripted podcast team met loads of amazing people standing up to authoritarian regimes.

#5 Alf and South China Sea Madness!

Chris, Shelley, and Matt discuss Gap caving to the Chinese Communist Party's pressure on T-shirts, China's social credit system, government over reach, and what it all has to do with…

#4: What Is the Future of Bitcoin in China?

We sit down with cryptocurrency expert Josh Gnaizda to discuss Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain—and why they matter to China. Josh Gnaizda worked at Merrill Lynch and a boutique hedge fund…

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