Lights Out: Massive Power Shut Down in California Triggers Conspiracy Theories

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Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), the largest energy supplier in California, has cut off power to portions of 22 counties in the northern half of the state. Outages are expected to last for up to seven days, potentially longer, as high winds buffet that portion of the state, heightening the risk of wildfires due to downed power lines. California Governor Gavin Newsom put the blame for the outages squarely at the feet of PG&E. “I’m outraged because it didn’t have to happen,” Newsom told reporters in San Diego on Wednesday. “[PG&E is] in bankruptcy due to their terrible management going back decades. They’ve created these conditions, it was unnecessary.”

PG&E May Face Murder Charges in Recent California Wildfire
U.S. Forest Service photo.

PG&E May Face Murder Charges in Recent California Wildfire

In a recent court filing by Attorney General Xavier Bacerra, Pacific Coast Gas and Electric Company could face criminal charges in regards to the recent Paradise, California wildfire in November of 2018. The wildfire killed 86 people, burned 14,000 homes and buildings and  153,000 acres was charred by the fire.

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