LA Backs Down, Repeals Law Requiring Companies to Disclose NRA Ties

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The Los Angeles City Council repealed a law that required companies competing for city contracts to disclose ties to the National Rifle Association. The vote to repeal was a unanimous 12-0 on Tuesday and came after a federal court judge blocked the legislation from being enforced. The city council had passed the resolution following a shooting at a Thousand Oaks bar in 2018 that left 13 dead.

Thousands of Gun Rights Activists Turn Up at Virginia Capitol

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On Monday, Virginians continued to take a stand against the Left’s anti-Second Amendment agenda as the Democratic-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee advanced several anti-gun bills. The Washington Free Beacon reports thousands of people descended on the Capitol to express their opposition to the anti-gun legislation.

The Great American Outdoor Show

This year America Daily got to go to the biggest outdoor show in America. We spoke to many people including the NRA, vendors, and even the Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertsons.

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