Justice, New York-style: Did the Government Kill Wilmer Rodriguez? – VIDEO

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New Yorker Wilmer Maldonado Rodriguez had agreed to testify against MS-13 gang members, a brave move considering their reputation for viciousness. But he’ll never get the chance.Rodriguez was found bludgeoned to death on Sunday, February 2, behind an abandoned home in New Cassel, Long Island, according to Nassau County police. Moreover, the police told reporters that another witness associated with the case was shot at in New Cassel January 30.

NYC’s New Top Cop Challenges Left; Slams NY’s New Crime-spiking Bail Laws – VIDEO

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“I can’t believe they let me out,” Gerod Woodberry told a detective. Woodberry was right to be surprised. He’d already been charged in four bank robbery cases and now had just been charged with collecting $1,000 from a fifth bank. At least he’d learned a lesson, though — that he could do it again. And four days later the 42-year-old allegedly hit a sixth bank. That’s when he was finally held. Enabling this crime spree were New York State’s new bail laws, says critics. The problem?

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