NATO’s Real Purpose

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While the main topic of this posting is NATO, we want to point to the significance of Britain’s separation from the European Union. Brexit is important, not so much because of that nation’s departure and its effect on matters involving trade. The far more important consequence of Britain leaving the European Union is that the move establishes a brake on the steady drift of Europe into a European government supplanting the once sovereign states of Europe, followed by world government. With Britain leaving, other nations have begun to consider a similar path.

Trump & Macron Trade Barbs Over NATO, Champagne, and Cheese

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President Trump had a heated exchange with French President Emmanuel Macron in London on Tuesday, asking the foreign leader if he would like to take back “some nice ISIS fighters” and taunting him for his “non-answer” — a back-and-forth that came hours after he challenged Macron’s critique of NATO.

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