“It Should Be Fun.” Nunes Doubles Down on Suing CNN & Daily Beast

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Representative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) reiterated his pledge to sue CNN and the Daily Beast during an interview on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Features, saying that the way to hold “corrupt” media outlets accountable is to take them to federal court. 

Exposed: Media Collusion for Greta Thunberg and UN Climate Hysteria

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The Fake News Media has been caught again with pants down. The Daily Caller broke the story on November 18, revealing that more than 250 U.S. news outlets and journalists had colluded in an effort to promote the idea that the planet faces a “climate crisis,” and to build support for the United Nations Climate Action Summit of world leaders held in New York City, September 15-23. Not that there was any paucity of lurid global warming propaganda; anyone who hasn’t assumed room temperature knows that we have been marinated in “news” stories proclaiming climate apocalypse for decades now.

Is Drudge the Enron of News? Anti-Trump Site’s Traffic Declines as Conservatives Flee

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Et tu, Drudge? This is an increasingly common conservative lament now that the Drudge Report, the leviathan of news aggregators, has turned left. In fact, it appears that Drudge is continuing to bleed conservative readers, with one observer likening its woes to the collapse of Enron Corporation, the once ballyhooed American energy, commodities, and services company that became immersed in scandal and declared bankruptcy in 2001.

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