Trump Promotes American Revolution Over the Left’s Marxist Revolution

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To say Trump’s 2020 Constitution Day speech struck a nerve is to say a hydrogen bomb is a large firecracker. Following the address at the National Archives, the headlines from the media approached the same fever pitch of a university shutting down a “safe space” and taking away the Play-Doh:

Football Great Herschel Walker Slams “Trained Marxists” BLM and its Enablers -video

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As NFL begins to stand for “No Fans Left,” its support for the violence-stoking Black Lives Matter movement might have lost it a very high-profile one. Saying he was blind but now can see, football great Herschel Walker posted a video Wednesday on Twitter in which he excoriated NFL owners and players, other sports organizations, churches, and politicians for supporting BLM. Mentioning that the group’s co-founders have described themselves as “trained Marxists,” the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner plaintively asked, “Is this who you’re supporting?”

Group Led by BLM Founder Is “Fiscally Supported” by Pro-Chinese Communist Organization

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If you needed any more evidence that Black Lives Matter is, at its heart, a Marxist sub-group intent on overthrowing capitalism and the American way of life, consider the following: The “advocacy group” Black Futures Lab, which lists BLM founder Alicia Garza as its principal, is “fiscally supported” by the pro-Communist Chinese group Chinese Progressive Association.

NPR Provides Platform to Author Who Defends Looting

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National Public Radio recently provided a platform to an author who has written a book, In Defense of Looting, in which the author, Vicky Osterweil, argues that looting is morally justified, because “without police and without state oppression, we can have things for free.”

Cancelling Cancel Culture – Video

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Opposing and removing history is the first step in bringing about a Marxist and Socialistic ideology. America has a culture of systemic opportunity, NOT systemic racism. It's time to cancel "cancel culture."

Comrades at “Hidden Davos”: Marxist Revolutionary Joins Billionaires

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Occupy Wall Street co-founder Micah White says he is going to the annual World Economic Forum, the ultimate jet set club, to get into “the hidden Davos” where “activists and elites” engage in “joint action on the global crises,” such as global warming and income inequality.

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