Report: China Could Launch FIRST STRIKE Using Stolen U.S. Tech and Fry Our Electric Grid – video

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While many would say our country is currently doing a good job of destroying itself, experts warn that we could have some frightening help — in the form of a Chinese surprise “Pearl Harbor” attack on our electric grid using stolen American technology. An “electromagnetic pulse” assault would, many say, plunge us into a massive, long-lasting blackout and halt modern life.

Planned Parenthood Must Return the Money

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One of the recipients of taxpayer funds intended to aid small businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 shutdown turns out to be Planned Parnthood. By far the nation’s largest provider of abortion, Planned Parenthood applied for the funds it has received. In doing so, the application signed by PP personnel broke the rules created to administer the money made available by Congress via its “Paycheck Protection Program.

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