Coronavirus: The Case for “Price Gouging”

The increasing spread of SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus now impacting the world, has led to what the media reports as “panic buying” nationwide in big box stores such as Costco and Walmart. According to many reports, customers are flocking to stores to clean out the shelves of items like toilet paper, disinfectant, and some non-perishable food items.

Looking to Escape Leftist Tyranny, Secession-type Movements Arise in Some States

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Movements in several states dominated by leftist politics are exploring ways to rid themselves from the bondage of high taxes, burdensome regulations, and other government intrusion. All over the country, there are whispers of secession — forming new states within existing ones so that conservative voices can be heard over the cacophony left-wing extremist noise

LA Backs Down, Repeals Law Requiring Companies to Disclose NRA Ties

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The Los Angeles City Council repealed a law that required companies competing for city contracts to disclose ties to the National Rifle Association. The vote to repeal was a unanimous 12-0 on Tuesday and came after a federal court judge blocked the legislation from being enforced. The city council had passed the resolution following a shooting at a Thousand Oaks bar in 2018 that left 13 dead.

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