Homeschooling Draws Unprecedented Interest Among U.S. Parents

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Faced with rapidly deteriorating conditions in government schools, interest among American parents in home education has surged to an “all-time high,” according to a new survey. Federal and state government data also show that homeschooling is growing quickly.

Profanity, Violence, Sex Increasing on TV Rated for Children

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New research is revealing some alarming statistics about what kids are seeing on TV. The latest report from the Parents Television Council (PTC), a group that monitors and exposes the ever-increasing presence of objectionable programming on television, shows that over the past 10 years profanity, violence, and sexually explicit content have been been getting worse on TV. What’s more, networks and program producers are willfully ignoring the ratings system supposedly designed to help parents navigate their children around unacceptable TV content.

The Banyan Deer

Today’s story is a  re-telling of a 3rd century Jataka Tale. Also known as the “Birth-stories”, the Jatakas form one of the sacred books of the Buddhists, and tell wisdom stories of the Buddha in his many reincarnations. Today's tale is called The Banyan Deer.

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