Hawley Asks Barr to Launch Civil Rights Probe into Prosecutor Targeting McCloskeys

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Senator Josh Hawley is submitting a request to the Justice Department to start a civil rights investigation into the St. Louis district attorney seeking to indict the infamous couple who drew guns on the Black Lives Matter agitators who broke into their private neighborhood and allegedly threatened them on their property.

Hawley & DOJ Target Big Tech’s Legal Protections

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Are the days of Silicon Valley’s autocratic reign numbered? Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) on Wednesday introduced legislation that would give Americans the ability to sue major tech platforms such as Google and Facebook if they selectively censor political speech. On the same day, reports say the Justice Department is preparing to remove legal immunities currently enjoyed by those companies.

Planned Parenthood Must Return the Money

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One of the recipients of taxpayer funds intended to aid small businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 shutdown turns out to be Planned Parnthood. By far the nation’s largest provider of abortion, Planned Parenthood applied for the funds it has received. In doing so, the application signed by PP personnel broke the rules created to administer the money made available by Congress via its “Paycheck Protection Program.

Trump Cuts Aid to Big Tech, Citing Bias and Censorship

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President Donald Trump issued an executive order on May 28 targeting Big Tech companies for discriminating against conservatives and Christians, vowing to end federal support as well as liability protections for the Deep State-controlled firms if they continue silencing viewpoints their bosses disagree with. The U.S. president, whose supporters have long been targets of the Silicon Valley elite, blasted the social-media giants for their discrimination and also threatened that federal legislation might be coming soon to help rein in the attacks on free speech. There are even potential national-security concerns at stake, the president suggested.

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