D.C. Church Sues Mayor Over “Selective Enforcement” of COVID Restrictions on Large Gatherings

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Capitol Hill Baptist Church has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against Washington, D.C.’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser for the city’s “selective enforcement” of its lockdown orders. “The lawsuit … simply asks that CHBC be permitted to meet in-person, with similar restrictions as area businesses and other gatherings have employed to protect public health,” CHBC Pastor Justin Sok said. “A church is not a building that can be opened and closed. A church is not an event to be watched. A church is a community that gathers regularly and that community should be treated fairly by the District government.”

Trump: New York Mail-in Voting Mess a Bad Omen for November

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On Friday, President Donald Trump pointed to the chaotic primary election in New York's 12th Congressional District as a portent of what the nation might expect should Democrats succeed in their scheme to vastly expand mail-in voting for the general election in November. Though the primary was held on June 23, a clear winner is not known due to a large number of absentee ballots that were disqualified by the state's Board of Elections.

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