Importance of the SaveOurChildren Protests

Why is the #SaveOurKids Movement happening now and why is this such an important issue? Why is MSM saying its some kind of hoax and associated with other social movements? Why are they not exposing the real truth of horrific abuse of children & kids kept in human slavery on epic scales never before seen till today? Why are no big-name #Hollywood #elite supporting this cause or movement even in just name only? These questions are endless as to why this issue is not taken seriously, while every statistic shows that this is the fastest growing criminal enterprise and it is on a global scale. And Nicole is Back!

Worldwide Human Trafficking Rings are Crashing Down!

Could we now be seeing the end of Elite pedophile and sex trafficking rings in America? Is Hollywood Crumbling under the weight of all the whistleblowers and testimonies being revealed in Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, & Harvey Weinstein court cases? This is what we discuss today.

Twitter Cracks Down on QAnon. Does the Deep State Feel Threatened?

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Social-media giant Twitter announced Tuesday that it has begun a purge of content related to QAnon, the online community of Trump supporters who believe the president is leading a secret war against a cabal of Satanic elites. Twitter says it will ban many QAnon followers, citing alleged misinformation and harassment of other users. It will also stop recommending accounts tied to the movement, including in-email and follow recommendations. Additionally, the platform seeks to limit QAnon circulation in features such as trends and search.

Raised Cabal- What Does That Mean?

What does it mean to be raised #Cabal? Today we talk about what these families are like and what it means to be someone who is raised in this group. Can you get out? #Ghislain #Maxwell was from this world and may now hold the key to its secrets!

Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Ties to Jewish Mob

The tale of Jeffrey #Epstein & Ghislain Maxwell is a cautionary tale for people as its at the core of what is systemically wrong in America. In previous videos, I discussed how Epstein was part of a spying operation for the Jewish #Mossad & was blackmailing elites in many countries! Today will talk about the history of Blackmailing in this country and why the #Cabal is using this as a tool of control.

Epstein Victim: “Evil” Maxwell Raped Me More Than 20, 30 Times

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If “Jane Doe” is telling the truth, Ghislaine Maxwell is guilty of far more than the six felonies with which federal prosecutors charged her on Thursday. Doe says the mega-wealthy British party girl, arrested for sex crimes the feds allege she commited against three girls with deceased Wall Street financier Jeffrey Epstein, raped her at least 20 times.

New Book: Epstein Was the Intelligence Community’s Blackmailer

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The establishment would like nothing more than for the American people to forget all about Jeffrey Epstein and his peculiarly extensive list of powerful friends, but truth-seekers know better. Epstein isn’t significant merely for his own heinous crimes, but because he serves as a crucial piece in understanding the workings, nature, and aim of the global elite who seek to establish a New World Order.

Federal Prosecutor: Prince Andrew Not Cooperating in Epstein Probe

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Britain’s Prince Andrew, his reputation ruined by his close association with deceased sex pervert Jeffrey Epstein, has not cooperated with federal prosecutors who are still investigating the Wall Street financier’s sex-trafficking ring. Federal prosecutors divulged the latest in the case in speaking with reporters in New York, where Epstein was arrested and indicted for multiple sex crimes involving girls as young as 15.

The Newly Revealed Clinton-Epstein Photos and Establishment Pedophilia

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The pedophiles are “everywhere, like vultures.” Ex-child actor Corey Feldman was referring to Hollywood when he uttered those words, but child sex abuse appears a problem across pseudo-elite spheres. And just published pictures of former president Bill Clinton living it up aboard deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane — dubbed the “Lolita Express” — are reminding many that the late multi-millionaire was just the tip of a very steamy and sleazy iceberg.

Epstein’s Guards Arrested, Charged in Six-count Fraud Indictment

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The two guards who were supposed to keep an eye on Wall Street financier Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious pervert and convicted sex offender who supposedly hanged himself in his jail cell, surfed the Internet and slept at their post, a federal indictment says.

Was Epstein a Man Who Knew Too Much?

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“I just hope that Epstein will sing like a bird before he will suffer a VERY SUDDEN death,” Twitter user MozInOz wrote on the feed of prominent trial lawyer Robert Barnes. “It’s just a matter of weeks. At most. Wait & see.” “He will suddenly depart this immortal coil soon,” Texas Freedom Fighter added. “Watch ... Secrets are meant to be kept secret right?” Those comments appeared on July 12, 2019, almost a full month before registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the Deep State financier and fellow traveler with global elites, was found dead in his cell.

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