The Newly Revealed Clinton-Epstein Photos and Establishment Pedophilia

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The pedophiles are “everywhere, like vultures.” Ex-child actor Corey Feldman was referring to Hollywood when he uttered those words, but child sex abuse appears a problem across pseudo-elite spheres. And just published pictures of former president Bill Clinton living it up aboard deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane — dubbed the “Lolita Express” — are reminding many that the late multi-millionaire was just the tip of a very steamy and sleazy iceberg.

Was Epstein a Man Who Knew Too Much?

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“I just hope that Epstein will sing like a bird before he will suffer a VERY SUDDEN death,” Twitter user MozInOz wrote on the feed of prominent trial lawyer Robert Barnes. “It’s just a matter of weeks. At most. Wait & see.” “He will suddenly depart this immortal coil soon,” Texas Freedom Fighter added. “Watch ... Secrets are meant to be kept secret right?” Those comments appeared on July 12, 2019, almost a full month before registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the Deep State financier and fellow traveler with global elites, was found dead in his cell.

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