Censoring Anti-Mask Billboards Backfires, Birch Society Freedom Message Sails On

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“Freedom Is The Cure.” That’s the simple statement on a set of billboards that have been deemed too “controversial” by “the community,” causing a national advertising agency to take down two of the billboards in Spokane, Washington. The graphic element accompanying the text features a young woman holding up a white surgical mask and displaying a facial expression of contempt toward the object, which “health authorities” in cities, states, and other jurisdictions have ordered inhabitants to wear.

Extortion & Armed Guards in Seattle Cop-free Zone, Trump Calls for Order

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Generations of Americans observing from afar the violent socialist revolutions on other continents likely felt comfortable in the misguided belief that such uprisings could never happen here. But for anyone paying even a modicum of attention to current events, that illusion is now shattered forever. 

Tennessee Governor: Autonomous Zones Won’t Be Tolerated

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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee put out a warning to rioters and anarchists seeking to replicate Seattle’s autonomous zone, saying that “lawlessness, autonomous zones, and violence will not be tolerated.” According to the Tennessean, activists aligned with the recent protests over the death of George Floyd intended to set up their own autonomous zone within the state’s capital.

Green Globalists Exploit Coronavirus to Advance “Climate” Agenda

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Get ready for the “new normal.” Deep State globalists and environmentalists, along with their legions of followers, are literally celebrating the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to completely remake the world to suit their wishes. From Hollywood celebrities and United Nations bigwigs to government leaders and Big Business, elites around the globe are coming out of the closet and revealing their true agenda. In short, it means less freedom and less prosperity for you — and a lot more power for them. Think of the coronavirus lockdown as a test drive.

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