Are China and India going to War? 

Chinese pushes India to action high in the Himalayas. Info sketchy, but India won recent skirmishes. Fighting equipment coming in, so is a war coming? Brad Johnson, CIA Chief of Station (Ret.) and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, tells you why to watch this carefully despite our distracting domestic issues. It's serious stuff people need to hear. 

Death Count From India-China Border Battle in the Dozens, Sources Say

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The death toll from a border battle between China and India in the Ladakh region appears to be higher than originally believed, as sources say dozens of Chinese soldiers were killed in addition to the 20 Indian casualties widely reported when the news first broke.

Vaccine False Flags: #Fauci, #Brix, #DrShiva, #Bill #Gates

It seems the main focus in the media right now is the treatment for the #CCPvirus also known as #COVID-19. We know they are using two treatments - Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. These two treatments can be manufactured here in the US by 12 different US manufacturers. The cost of these treatments is significantly low at $0.63 cents for generic Hydroxychloroquine & $0.84 cents for generic Zithromax. The 3rd treatment that was announced is called #Remdesivir which is $1000 per pill, has an owned patent and can only be manufactured by only 1 US manufacturer and otherwise has to be outsourced to China and India. Here is a fun Fact - George #Soros & Bill #Gates partnered up for this company called Gilead in 2016

Awkward Neighbors: Why Chinese Don’t Migrate to India

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In July, the government of India released its census data of 2001-2011. Though the fact that the information was released eight years after data collection surprised many people, what made the statistics interesting are the numbers on Chinese migrants. During the 10-year period, the number of overall Chinese migrants fell from 23,712 to 14.951.

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