Pete Buttigieg Gives the Nod to the Destruction of America

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Believing your nation is illegitimate and perhaps should cease to exist shouldn’t be a résumé enhancer for a prospective leader. But presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg may disagree, as he recently expressed approval at the notion that the United States occupies stolen land — and that illegal aliens are merely exacting justice by “reclaiming” it. Moreover, Buttigieg actually asserted that illegals are “subsidizing everybody else.”

Illegal Aliens Arrested in Mississippi Raid Stole Identities of 400 Americans

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Jere Miles, special agent in charge of homeland security investigations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, at Homeland Security’s office in New Orleans, told members of the House Homeland Security Committee on November 7 that most of the 680 illegal aliens apprehended in agency raids at poultry plants in Mississippi in August were using stolen American identity documents.

Warren’s Plan to Pay for Medicare for All? Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.

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Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said her plan to end private health insurance for all Americans by forcing everyone in the country onto public health plans will be paid for by the extra tax revenue that will supposedly be available after she extends amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens currently within our country’s borders.

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