Not all Farmers’ Markets are Real!

A farmers’ market is where farmers sell their homegrown produce, live animals and plants, and sometimes prepared food or beverages. By allowing wholesalers into farmers’ markets, it gives more competition to small local farmers in the state. Wholesalers already sell produce and other foods in supermarkets, which isn’t what people who go to their local farmers’ market want.

E11. Facebook Our Hub of Information

Its time to hear from our health vanguard Quentin Vaughan! Every week Q is looking for all the updated, interesting and critical information that we as families need to keep abreast of. In this episode we take a closer look at some of "The Balance In Fitness" Facebook posts. All the information and inspiration needed to abandon processed and mass produced foods and chemicals, and why.

The Power of Positive Media 

What we watch could help shape who we become! There are a slew of studies and information conducted out there about how the media has played a negative role in our contemporary lives. But could the media be an influential force in shaping our society for the better?

E5. The Myth about Protein & my interview with Quentin Vaughn

You know, one of the main things that we've understood in this modern day is that from around about 200 years ago, we really started to go wrong. Our scientists started to look in very odd and awkward directions for their understanding of life, and when that perpetuates for a couple of hundred years, you can bet that by this time things are pretty messy.

Surgeon General Declares E-Cigarettes an Epidemic Among Teenagers

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams issued an advisory urging state and local agencies to take measures to curb what he calls, “an epidemic of youth e-cigarette use,” The findings from a government-funded research survey, showed that among American high school students the use of combustible tobacco cigarettes remains at an all-time low. However, the use of vaped nicotine or e-cigarettes has nearly doubled in one year.

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