New Mexico Sues Google for Spying on School Kids

The state of New Mexico is suing Google for illegally violating the privacy of students by secretly collecting sensitive data through Google “Chromebooks” and the company's infamous “G Suite for Education.” While Google (sort of) denies the charges, it seems clear that the Orwellian tech company known for discriminating against conservatives is up to no good.

Freeing the Web From Big Tech

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Today’s Web is far different from the electronic public square it was originally created to be. Yet there is realistic hope the Web can be liberated from the stifling restraints of Big Tech and Big Government.

Judge Orders Google to Surrender Smollett Docs

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Being fired from Empire isn’t the only bad news actor Jussie Smollet has received lately. Thanks to search warrants and a court order, Google must turn over the actor's e-mails and other records to a special prosecutor who is probing the hate-crime hoax Smollett perpetrated on the city.

8 Things to Avoid Searching on Google (Seriously, Don’t Go There)

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Whenever you have an immediate, nagging doubt, Google is an excellent way to get some answers. However, there are some terms that you should avoid searching. Some of these terms make your computer and personal information vulnerable, while others end up showing images that can gross you out and give you nightmares.

Big Tech Under Fire

The global empire of Googledom is under attack. Over the past year, the tech behemoth (and its parent company, Alphabet Inc.) has sustained some serious body blows. And more appear to be coming. Most recently, billionaire tech titan Peter Thiel (PayPal, Palantir Technologies, Clarium Capital, Founders Fund) grabbed headlines and shook markets by calling for an investigation by the FBI and CIA of Google for having “engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the US military.”

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