E24. Why Cancer is in Household Cleaners? Vinegar a Revelation!

This week Q brings an amazing story of yet another person, harmed by seemingly unknown sources. She is told by doctors that surgery is the answer, yet she decides that understanding the cause is more important than simply dealing with the effect. She investigates and takes natural and simple steps to avoid the toxic land mines in our environment. How many times have we been told that vinegar is amazing? A thousand! But wait till you hear it from the Classical Chinese Medicine perspective.

E21. Flawed Diet Niches / Meet Meiling Lee
Meiling Lee

E21. Flawed Diet Niches / Meet Meiling Lee

Quentin and I have lived the era of these extreme eating paths. So why have things seemed to go that way? This week we look at the subject from a few directions and come out with a better and more balanced understanding of food and life. Also, let's meet a new member to our team Meiling Lee, a licensed TCM practitioner and mother of 3 from Minnesota.

E20. Are Flu Vaccines Good & Personal Trainer Tips

In a world inundated with marketing and ferocious financial forward progress, we need to truly understand something before exposing ourselves and our families to it. When it comes to modern pharmaceuticals, there is even more reason for extreme caution.

E11. Facebook Our Hub of Information

Its time to hear from our health vanguard Quentin Vaughan! Every week Q is looking for all the updated, interesting and critical information that we as families need to keep abreast of. In this episode we take a closer look at some of "The Balance In Fitness" Facebook posts. All the information and inspiration needed to abandon processed and mass produced foods and chemicals, and why.

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