Stolen Fountain of Youth

Facts on why so many human trafficking groups and operations are connected. Today we discuss the tie to the obsession with youth and life extension to the trade-in organs and children.

Falun Gong- Chinese Communist Party’s #1 Enemy & Why! Part 2

This is our continued conversation with Levi Browde about the tactics used for persecution on Falun Gong! What can Americans now learn from this terrible history? And what can we do to stop and hold accountable the people who have perpetrated this crime of the century!

Real Story of Falun Gong & why Media suppressed this story?

Today we speak with Levi Browde who serves as the Executive Director with the New York-based #FalunDafa Information Center – an organization working to end the human rights abuses against people who practice #FalunGong in #China. Why has our mainstream media failed to expose this to the American public more and worse why do they push #ChineseCommunistParty Propaganda about this group in our country? What are they covering up?

Unraveling of Human Trafficking Groups

It seems we are ever closer to the disclosure that we all hope is not true but that we know in our gut is probably true. And that is the harming of children on a large scale and on a worldwide level…. Is the exposure of child trafficking going to also lead to exposing #organ #harvesting in #China and how it has a tie to the United States #Elites?

World Falun Dafa Day

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Every year on May 13th, Falun Dafa practitioners from around the world gather to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day. #FalunDafa, also called #FalunGong, is a spiritual meditation discipline based on…

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