Freeing the Web From Big Tech

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Today’s Web is far different from the electronic public square it was originally created to be. Yet there is realistic hope the Web can be liberated from the stifling restraints of Big Tech and Big Government.

School District Seeks to Censor Parents on Social Media

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A government school district in Indiana is under fire for trying to censor parents' online comments about the education system, sparking outrage across the political spectrum as well as First Amendment concerns. Violators can be barred from school grounds.

Warren, Zuckerberg At Odds Over Threat to Break Up Facebook

In a fight that could prove beneficial to the reelection campaign effort of President Donald Trump, Senator Elizabeth Warren publicly attacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday for his private remarks that he was willing to sue the federal government should Warren win the White House and follow through with her plans to break up his company under U.S. anti-trust laws.

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