EU Closes External Borders in Attempt to Slow Coronavirus Spread

The European Union announced Tuesday that it would be closing external borders in order to halt the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Leaders of the bloc of nations announced that the border closings will be temporary and expect the travel restrictions to last at least thirty days.

Brexit Is Finally Here! The UK Finally Leaves the European Union

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After three-and-a-half years of turmoil, doubt, and globalist subterfuge, the day British people voted for on June 23 of 2016 has finally arrived. Today, Great Britain officially left the European Union. Forty-seven years after it joined the European Economic Community (aka the Common Market), which eventually became the EU, the United Kingdom is striking out on its own — a sovereign nation once again.

Spaxit? Will Spain Now Leave the European Union?

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Is the European Union beginning to disintegrate? Spain has become the most recent nation to threaten a Brexit-style exit from the European Union amid anger over a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling last Thursday that a jailed Catalan separatist leader should not have been stripped of parliamentary immunity, overruling Spanish courts on the subject.

NATO’s Real Purpose

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While the main topic of this posting is NATO, we want to point to the significance of Britain’s separation from the European Union. Brexit is important, not so much because of that nation’s departure and its effect on matters involving trade. The far more important consequence of Britain leaving the European Union is that the move establishes a brake on the steady drift of Europe into a European government supplanting the once sovereign states of Europe, followed by world government. With Britain leaving, other nations have begun to consider a similar path.

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