America Racing Toward Nuclear Obsolescence

President Trump's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is making heroic efforts to reverse decades of neglect by advancing Life Extension Programs (LEPs) for U.S. nuclear weapons — all designed and built 30-40 years ago. But the U.S. nuclear scientific-industrial base is so "hollowed-out" that America may never be able to catch-up with Russia and China in modern, new-generation, offensive nuclear weapons that deter Moscow and Beijing and enforce peace.

Through the Dark Night of the Soul: A Poem by St. John of the Cross

St.John goes into great depth and detail on the journey of the dark night of the soul and the many pitfalls and experiences we may encounter in it. Above is a very brief summary of his writing. When I encountered this poem, the journey he outlined seemed all too familiar. As I looked back on my past, I have found I created habits unwittingly to try to avoid at all costs to look deep within. St.John reaffirmed the value and necessity to not run from that pain. 

Coronavirus II? Scientists Find 28 UNKNOWN Viruses in Chinese Glacier; Melt Could Unleash Them

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China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. But recently discovered viruses locked in its Guliya ice cap on the northwestern Tibetan Plateau are far older than the Middle Kingdom is, dating back 15 millennia. Of course, while scientists are rightly curious about these ancient and unknown quantities, they’re also concerned — about what could happen if these viruses are unleashed by an ice melt-off.

Danger in Vaccines

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Resistance to vaccination isn’t new. But it is increasing. A growing number of parents are finding themselves embroiled in battles over mandatory vaccinations for all youngsters. They protest that vaccines are not only fruitless, they are also dangerous. Some moms and dads have pulled their children out of schools where they are told all attendees have to be vaccinated.

A UN Rogues’ Gallery: Socialists, Communists, Terrorists, Globalists Run the Show

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“Wherever help is needed and people are suffering you will find dedicated United Nations staff contributing their time, assistance and expertise to positively transform lives and make the world a safer and better place for this and future generations.” The self-serving accolade above comes to us from the United Nations’ web page aimed at attracting new careerists for the global organ-ization’s ever-burgeoning workforce. Sounds very noble and idealistic, right? Too bad the ugly reality of the UN’s record clashes violently with the recruitment propaganda of the UN’s image polishers.

“Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella Connected to Burisma Holdings Scandal

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House Democrats are continuing to press forward with plans to impeach President Trump — pretending there is any merit whatsoever to their claims. While that is happening, more and more information is coming to light about the real criminal scandal at the foundation of their most recent claim regarding Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Smoking Snakes: The unsung heroes of the Brazilian army in WWII
German commander surrendering to FEB commander…

The Smoking Snakes: The unsung heroes of the Brazilian army in WWII

On September 1st, 1939, the invasion of Poland by the Nazi troops marked the beginning of WWII. The greatest and most destructive war of our history and it’s epic stories have been retold countless times in books, songs, and movies. However, one particular group of heroes still remains unsung. They were called “The Smoking Snakes.”

Why We Aren’t Having Conversations

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Recently, the famous Tik-Tok trend “ok boomer” trended on Twitter. It’s essentially calling out any racist and sexist things that many “older” people agree with or what is seen as belonging in the ’60s. But it’s bringing up the disturbing fact that once again, conversations are being silenced. 

Rand Paul Attacks American Socialists AOC, Bernie Sanders, Others — in New Book

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Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) not only denounces socialist tyrants such as Mao, Stalin, and Hitler in his new book, The Case Against Socialism, he targets domestic socialists such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, because in Paul’s view, these domestic socialists favor policies that, if adopted, will turn the United States into another socialist country.

UK Baroness Raises China’s Organ Harvesting in House of Lords

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The killing of prisoners of conscience for their organs in China was raised during a debate in the UK’s House of Lords, adding further awareness to an atrocity that first came to light over a decade ago. During an October 24 debate on the ongoing Hong Kong protests, Baroness Finlay of Llandaff told the House of Lords about reports of organ harvesting in China.

Painter Akiane Kramarik on Her Art and Spiritual Journey

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Fearlessly dedicated to expressing her spiritual journey and the worlds in her dreams and visions, artist Akiane Kramarik has insights into humanity that reach for the highest understanding of the universe and flow unrestrained from her mind onto the canvas.

NBC News Chief Blasts Ronan Farrow’s “Effort to Defame” Network

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NBC News President Noah Oppenheim hit back at journalist Ronan Farrow in a fiery email to the network’s staff in response to the former employee’s allegations that NBC shut down his reporting on disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein in 2017 as part of a “corporate coverup.”

We Can’t Make it on Our Own

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The Blind Girl (1856) is a painting by John Everett Millais. The scene was painted on the road just outside the quaint, medieval town of Winchelsea near the coast of southern England. In 19th century England, John Everett Millais established the Pre-Raphaelite movement in painting which shifted away from the stiff and heroic, neo-classical themes that were the staple of his time. Millais and his fellow Pre-Raphaelite companions explored narratives in their works that brought us into the effeminate world of nurturing care, empathy, and intuition.

White House Lawyer to Democrat Lynch Mob: Trump Won’t Cooperate

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It appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats, who think they’re going to overthrow the president with yet another collusion hoax, have run into the same problems they had the last time: the truth and a president who will tell it. Pat Cipollone, the president’s chief counsel, has served legal notice on Pelosi and her lynch party of committee chairmen that the president will not cooperate with an “impeachment inquiry” that is illegal, unconstitutional, and seeks to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

How Communist Criminals Hide Behind UN Immunity – Video

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the legions of communist criminals hiding behind diplomatic immunity offered by the United Nations. First on the list is Michelle Bachelet, the UN "High Commissioner for Human Rights," who has now been exposed to receiving bribes from OAS.

A Falun Gong Practitioner Who Escaped China’s Brutal Persecution Shares Her Story

Imagine being severely tortured multiple times over the course of your life by a government that is hellbent on making you renounce your faith. Angel, a Falun Gong practitioner from China, underwent such horrific treatment in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. In a YouTube video, Angel recounts her experience and reveals how she was even tested for organ harvesting. However, before the evil struck its final blow, she escaped China and now lives safely in Australia.  

Civilizing Music: A Song Can Change a Life

Music is said to make invisible realms, visible. For humanity, even with the most advanced scientific equipment, we still cannot perceive the order of life and the cosmos. Maybe a musical instrument would take us to a more complete understanding of life than a microscope ever could.  

Impeachment…or CIA Coup? By Ron Paul

Democrats, who spent more than two years convinced that “Russiagate” would enable them to remove Trump from office only to have their hopes dashed by the Mueller Report, now believe they have their smoking gun in this phone call. Is this about politics? Yes. But there may be more to it than that.

Scientist: Al Gore and Climate Cabal Are Lying About Global Warming- Video

In this interview with The New American's Alex Newman, geologist Gregory Wrightstone explains that Al Gore and the climate-change establishment are lying about global warming, sea levels, wildfires, extinctions, carbon dioxide, and so much more. He says CO2 is a "miracle molecule" that is incredibly beneficial to humanity and the planet.

UN “Human Rights” Chief Tied to Communist Network’s Corruption

The top United Nations official dealing with “human rights,” Chilean socialist Michelle Bachelet, is embroiled in a massive Latin American corruption scandal involving a powerful international network of communists and crony tycoons. Among other charges, Bachelet was accused of accepting bribe money from a major company during her successful 2013 presidential campaign.

Killing of Innocent People for Their Organs in China Must Stop, Lawyer Tells UN

One of the worst mass atrocities of this century is being committed in China and the world needs to act to end it, a senior lawyer has told the UN. London-based lawyer Hamid Sabi told the UN Human Rights Council on September 24 that hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed for their organs in China. An independent tribunal, that Sabi is a member of, found in June that it was proven beyond doubt that large-scale organ harvesting in China was and is occurring.

China Seeks to Run UN “Crime” Agency

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Not content with its agents running about a third of United Nations agencies already, the Communist Party of China is now pushing one of its minions to lead the powerful UN “crime” agency as well. The bid comes amid surging influence for the mass-murdering dictatorship within the “global governance” system. But unlike during the Obama administration, this time, critics from Capitol Hill to the White House are paying attention — and speaking out.

UN Censors Complaint on Communist Re-education Camps in China

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Even as the United Nations brazenly attacks the United States over alleged “human rights” issues, the UN is facing global criticism for censoring a formal complaint against the Communist Chinese dictatorship's mass incarceration of ethnic Uighur Muslims in “re-education” camps. The UN is also under fire after it tried to cover up the fact it gave the Chinese regime the names of dissidents who exposed communist crimes.

Back to the Future: The New Masters Academy

He was shocked to discover what many art students eventually come to realize, that most of the fundamentals of the craft of drawing, painting, and sculpture were no longer being taught. “Something had happened to art training, and art itself and I struggled to piece together the enormity of this disaster.”

Exposing Child Sex Trafficking with Beth Holger (The Link) and Lara Powers (Polaris Project)

On Monday, federal prosecutors charged Jeffrey Epstein with sex trafficking and conspiracy. Court documents show Epstein sexually abused and exploited dozens of underage girls in the early 2000's. Despite over a decade of such allegations, he has avoided major jail time. Is Epstein’s case an example of a bigger problem in the United States? And if so, where are the victims coming from, and why hasn’t more been done to combat child trafficking?

One Lawyer’s Fight to Make Vaccines Safer
Mark Sadaka, Esq., with Robert Kennedy Jr. (Courtesy Mark Sadaka, Esq.)

One Lawyer’s Fight to Make Vaccines Safer

Today we hear from a personal injury lawyer who is working to make vaccines safer. He explains some critical problems with the vaccine court and how his current lawsuit against Merck could have a big impact.

How a Norwegian YouTuber Is Inspiring Manhood in America’s Young Men
A screenshot from Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen's YouTube channel.

How a Norwegian YouTuber Is Inspiring Manhood in America’s Young Men

In the United States, over one in four children live without a father in the home. This leaves many young men to navigate manhood on their own. Today’s guest is a YouTuber in Norway. He started out as a Viking bushcrafter, but now he has become a kind of mentor to young men finding their way in the United States and Canada.

Teaching Our Children The Real Meaning of Socialism

Many parents are facing a very troubling and alarming trend in their young people’s thinking. That is nowadays many of our young people are quite open and even have a favorable view of socialism. How has this happened? In an August 2018 Gallup Poll, out of a group of young people aged 18-29, 51% said they had a favorable opinion of socialism

Exclusive Interview with Tank Man Photographer Jeff Widener
The iconic Tank Man photo from June 5th, 1989. (Photo courtesy Jeff Widener)

Exclusive Interview with Tank Man Photographer Jeff Widener

Thirty years ago Chinese troops opened fire on protestors in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. The most recognizable image from the crackdown is the Tank Man photo. Today we speak to Jeff Widener, the photographer who took that iconic image.

Is Marijuana Really a Medicine? With Alex Berenson
alex berenson tell your children the truth about marijuana, mental illness, and violence

Is Marijuana Really a Medicine? With Alex Berenson

An eye-opening report from an award-winning author and former New York Times reporter reveals the link between teenage marijuana use and mental illness, and a hidden epidemic of violence caused by the drug—facts the media have ignored as the United States rushes to legalize cannabis.

Exclusive on Abortion in America with Professor Paul Kengor
Paul Kengor

Exclusive on Abortion in America with Professor Paul Kengor

The concept of legalizing abortion originated from communist ideology, which seeks to destroy the family and put everyone under public control. Paul Kengor is a New York Times best-selling author and professor of political science at Grove City College. He is executive director of The Center for Vision & Values, a Grove City College think-tank/policy center and is a contributor to many TV and radio shows on American policy.

The Mysterious Death of Shane Todd, an American Engineer Who Worked In Connection With Huawei

Today we speak with Mary Todd, the mother of Shane Todd. Dr. Shane Todd was an American engineer who died under disputed circumstances in Singapore in June 2012. Local authorities said Dr. Todd had committed suicide, though his family insists that he was murdered. His involvement in Huawei and the technology he worked on was top secret at the time and Huawei needed Shane to be able to complete this project. He complained to his family about being threatened and then he died....

The Medical World Has Covered This Up | Ethan Gutmann

Celebrated investigative journalist Ethan Gutmann discusses forced organ harvesting in China: How it started 20 years ago in Xinjiang, how foreign doctors helped China develop this technology, how much profit is being made by killing people for their organs, and how the Western medical community has tried to cover it all up.

Interview on Hidden History with Michael Cremo.

Special Report: Interview on Hidden History with Michael Cremo. America Daily is on a journey to uncover the many untold stories in History and we will be talking about the topic of knowledge suppression that has happened throughout the world.

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