China: The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America -Video

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Dr. Duke Pesta interviews the CEO of the John Birch Society, Art Thompson. They discuss Art's new book, China: The Deep State's Trojan Horse in America, which is about how the deep state is helping businesses infiltrate the United States and get money from consumers.

Tax-funded Fake News Weaponized Against Lone Conservative Professor

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A tax-funded college newspaper is under fire after launching a dishonest attack on the University of Wisconsin's most prominent conservative professor, Dr. Duke Pesta, without adhering to even the most basic recognized standards of journalistic ethics.

A Pitch for FPA and Homeschooling

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Dr. Duke Pesta, academic director of FreedomProject Academy, was interviewed by The New American about what parents and families are seeing from schools in response to the coronavirus, and what long-term lessons can be gleaned from what they are seeing.

The Dangers of a Constitutional Convention | Recap with Evan Mulch – VIDEO

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In this episode, Duke Pesta asks field coordinator Evan Mulch from South Carolina to recap the current Con-Con debate that is going on in his state right now. A special committee has been formed to hear arguments for and against a Constitutional Convention. Evan and several others spoke against it at the meeting last Thursday, February 6. Evan and Duke discuss the arguments brought up by the pro-ConCon side and how we can disprove them.

Digging Further into South Carolina’s Gun Rights – VIDEO

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Dr. Duke Pesta talks again with South Carolina State Representatives @RepStewartJones (R-14) and @RJosiahMagnuson (R-38). Today they discuss #GunRights in more detail, how the left is trying to limit the second amendment and what they would do if they were the governor of their state.

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