America Racing Toward Nuclear Obsolescence

President Trump's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is making heroic efforts to reverse decades of neglect by advancing Life Extension Programs (LEPs) for U.S. nuclear weapons — all designed and built 30-40 years ago. But the U.S. nuclear scientific-industrial base is so "hollowed-out" that America may never be able to catch-up with Russia and China in modern, new-generation, offensive nuclear weapons that deter Moscow and Beijing and enforce peace.

Christmas Present From North Korea

This is America Daily bringing you the best in truthful news and in-depth reports happening now.  Today on Zooming In, Host Simone Gao interviews Dr. Peter Pry. North Korea warned the U.S. to prepare for a Christmas present. What could be that “present”? Could the US defend itself against an EMP weapon? What could happen if an #EMP exploded above the atmosphere of North America?

Why Is the Media Belittling the EMP Threat?

National security and EMP expert Dr. Peter Pry discusses how many in the mainstream media are purposely belittling the EMP threat. We also discuss why he supports President Trump's America First policy.

Impeachment and America’s Cold Civil War

Today we hear from historian and national security expert Dr. Peter Pry. We discuss the impeachment proceedings, why he thinks we are no longer a constitutional republic, and how we're seeing what the Founding Fathers feared most of all--big government and the administrative state.

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