Are Polls Statistical Laugh Tracks? – Video

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Walter Cronkite said it best, "The media is not there to reflect public opinion; it's there to shape it." Daniel Natal talks with Dr. Duke about this and also discusses how we are moving into a technocracy. Citizens are surrounded with certain narratives that will, according to the technocrats, shape and inform their behaviors.

Are The Police Being Mistreated?- Video

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Joe Panzarello joins Dr. Duke to speak about the police being played with using the media. Joe says Defunding the police wont solve any problems, but create more. The Police may not be taken seriously enough.

Consequences of BLM Protests? -Video

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Dr. Duke and Florida Rep. Mike Hill continue their discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement and the lack of consequences for the rioters who are destroying their city. They also discuss the destruction of key statues and how these people would have actually been on their side.

Hypocrisy in Protesters Riots -Video

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Dr. Duke explains how this anarchy approach that these protests are displaying isn’t working and also dives into the hypocrisy involved in these riots.

Thomas Massie on State and Federal Government Overreaches – VIDEO

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Congressman Thomas Massie joins Dr. Duke to discuss the ramifications of states and federal government overreaches and shutdowns, putting people out of work and under strict government controls. Massie explains how the current health crisis is being exploited by both governors and the federal government to trample on the Constitution.

Solutions to the Radical Push by the Left – VIDEO

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Dr. Duke and Caleb Collier, a John Birch Society coordinator, discuss the radical push by the left. Together they discuss what Americans can do to push back in the right direction which involves becoming more active with The John Birch Society.

The Terribly Amusing Dem Debate – VIDEO

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The American media is driving candidates to the left while these same candidates are using the power of the government to push their radical, socialist ideas. In this week’s Duke’s Take, Dr. Duke discusses the terrible amusing Democratic debate, showing that there are no major candidates that have views in the middle.

A Tale of Two Billionaires – VIDEO

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Bloomberg and Trump, a tale of two billionaires. In today's episode of Duke's Take, Dr. Duke discusses these two individuals, their massive amounts of wealth, and the stark contrast of their political stances.

All the Impeachment Cards on the Table – VIDEO

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In this episode of Duke’s Take, Dr. Duke applauds President Trumps lawyers for “popping the balloons” of the Democrats hot air allegations. Duke calls Adam Schiff a “one man repetition drone” that did not have a winning card when all his cards were laid on the table, and explains that the Democrats only tactics were repetition and deflection. The case would have been thrown out in any other court of law.

Attack on Thanksgiving | Duke’s Take – Video

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In this episode of Duke’s Take, Dr. Duke talks about the necessity of Thanksgiving. Progressives are attacking Thanksgiving because of its “questionable origins,” but Duke says that is irrelevant. Referencing Shakespeare’s King Lear, he explains that the Christian virtue of gratitude is necessary for civilization to survive. Today, U.S. students are being taught that being grateful for your country and culture is “toxic nationalism” and “white supremacy,” which is why millennials and Gen X’ers condemn “free speech” and support socialism. Duke asks, “How can you improve your country if you have nothing to be grateful for? You can’t – you can only destroy it.”

What You Didn’t Know About the United Nations – Video

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Dr. Duke talks with Alex Newman about the people behind the founding of the United Nations, such as Joseph Stalin and Alger Hiss, and how several of the member nations today are radical violators of human rights.

What’s Wrong with the United Nations? – Video

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Dr. Duke discusses with Rep. Matt Shea all the reasons we need to get out of the United Nations, mainly the fact that it was designed to be a supranational structure to control the world.

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