All the Impeachment Cards on the Table – VIDEO

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In this episode of Duke’s Take, Dr. Duke applauds President Trumps lawyers for “popping the balloons” of the Democrats hot air allegations. Duke calls Adam Schiff a “one man repetition drone” that did not have a winning card when all his cards were laid on the table, and explains that the Democrats only tactics were repetition and deflection. The case would have been thrown out in any other court of law.

Attack on Thanksgiving | Duke’s Take – Video

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In this episode of Duke’s Take, Dr. Duke talks about the necessity of Thanksgiving. Progressives are attacking Thanksgiving because of its “questionable origins,” but Duke says that is irrelevant. Referencing Shakespeare’s King Lear, he explains that the Christian virtue of gratitude is necessary for civilization to survive. Today, U.S. students are being taught that being grateful for your country and culture is “toxic nationalism” and “white supremacy,” which is why millennials and Gen X’ers condemn “free speech” and support socialism. Duke asks, “How can you improve your country if you have nothing to be grateful for? You can’t – you can only destroy it.”

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