No More “Peaceful Protests” – Video

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Dr. Duke Pesta is joined by Dr. Steve Turley of to discuss a few of the recent riots. Dr. Turley tells us a new left is rising, and it resembles the old reich. A civil war is igniting between the new radical left and the patriotic, police backed left. The conflict is being seen as riots such as the incidents in Portland, Kenosha, and Seattle. Nobody is seeing the riots as "peaceful protests" anymore. He reminds us that we shouldn't be trying to fight racism, but demonic ideas behind racism. We wouldn't have to worry about the mayhem if democratic mayors and governors fulfilled their law keeping responsibilities, Dr. Turley says.

Insanity in the Schools – Video

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Dr. Duke Pesta is joined by Daniel Natal, a Business Ethics teacher, to discuss problems with modern education. Natal tells us that children are being taught what to think instead of how to think. Standards are being lowered to be more "inclusive". The education system is also discombobulating its students with contradictory information, giving them behavioral disorganization - or as Natal calls it, synthetic insanity.

The “White” Identity Politics of the Left – VIDEO

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Dr. Duke Pesta watched the recent Democratic debate so you didn't have to. The news following this debate seems to showcase how "white" the whole thing was. If any of the candidates truly believed in white privilege, they would have walked off stage and transferred their support to someone of a minority in the name of "identity politics."

Be Thankful for this… | Art Thompson – Video

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In this interview, Dr. Duke Pesta talks with JBS CEO Art Thompson about the origins and importance of Thanksgiving. Art explains that many people today do not grasp nor understand the real hardships the Pilgrims endured, why they were thankful, and how we still enjoy those freedoms 400 years later. Do we really enjoy the independence that we have? Are we grateful for the things that allow us to be free citizens?

Rep. Thomas Massie: Congress Quietly Reauthorizes Patriot Act – Video

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Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) joins Dr. Duke Pesta to discuss how the House of Representatives voted to extend warrantless data collection provisions of the Patriot Act, while most of the country was distracted with the ongoing Trump impeachment proceedings.

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