Trump’s Reelection Prospects Continue to Brighten

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The latest results from Quinnipiac University posted at Real Clear Politics on Tuesday show the president beating any of the top Democrat contenders in Iowa and Arizona in the upcoming presidential primaries, but losing to every one of them nationally.

Biden: I Don’t Have to Obey a Subpoena to Testify at Trump’s Impeachment Because I’m Honest, and Everyone Says So

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Former Vice President Joe Biden says his staff members did not tell him about the possible conflict of interest that involved him and his son, Hunter, vis-à-vis their dealings in Ukraine. But that revelation in Biden’s recent interview with National Public Radio is, in a sense, old news. The warning from a top official at State, ignored by Biden’s staff, went public some time ago.

Democrats in Swing Districts Fear Impeachment Backlash

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According to Washington Post reporter Rachel Blade, speaking to CNN on Sunday, “behind the scenes” an increasing number of Democrats in swing districts are getting “cold feet” about going through with an impeachment vote on President Donald Trump.

Trump’s Poll Numbers Improving Despite Impeachment Attempt

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The latest poll from Gallup shows Donald Trump to be impervious to the three-ring impeachment circus performing daily in Washington and being covered by a supportive media. As Gallup reported on Wednesday, “Despite days of focus by national and international news media on the impeachment proceedings currently underway in the House of Representatives, President Donald Trump’s job approval rating remains statistically similar to where it has been for weeks. [Our] latest poll failed to show a noticeable impact of the impeachment hearings in Congress on [his] presidential approval.”

Polls Indicate Impeachment Scheme Losing Popularity

The most recent analysis of poll data finds that Democrats are likely to turn out as the big losers in their impeachment gamble. Even as that analysis shows the impeachment machine is losing steam, President Trump’s approval ratings are gaining. As predicted, impeachment seems to be backfiring for Democrats.

Trump Expected to Pull U.S. Out of Unconstitutional Paris Climate Agreement

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Considering that President Donald Trump has been quite vocal in his intentions to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate agreement (which had been accepted as binding on the United States by then-President Barack Obama), speculation has it that he will now do so. According to the terms of the 2016 agreement — reached November 4 of that year — a nation could not pull out during the first three years.

House Dems to Vote Thursday on Impeachment Procedures, Promise “Transparency”

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After a three-year witch-hunt in the form of one investigation, probe, or inquiry after another, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced Monday afternoon that House Democrats will vote Thursday to establish the procedures for their impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump. Having conducted all of this with dishonesty from the very beginning, Democrats now promise "transparency" as they move forward.

Deep State Destroyed Syria, Not Trump-Video

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In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes how and why the Deep State destroyed Syria. You will learn how the Obama administration and other Deep State powers teamed up with Al Qaeda and other jihadists there, eventually unleashing the Islamic State or ISIS. Then, under the guise of fighting the Islamist threat the Deep State created, the Deep State started arming and training communist terrorist groups seeking to enslave Kurdish people. The audacity of criticizing Trump for withdrawing U.S. forces boggles the mind. Do not be deceived!

Trump Expedites Deportations in New Pilot Program

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The Trump administration has created a new program to send illegal aliens who claim “asylum” back home within 10 days or less, yet another initiative to secure the border that has met with the usual objections from the usual leftists.

Biden Maintains RCP Lead Over Warren, But She Leads in N.H., Iowa Polls

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Ruling-class Democrats might whisper to each other and even tell the media that Joe Biden can’t defeat President Trump, but it appears that rank-and-file voters don’t agree. Biden’s latest numbers in the Real Clear Politics average of voter polls put him 5.4 points ahead of Elizabeth Warren, a shade less than last week’s six-point lead, but still close to what he polled then.

Latino-owned Businesses Prospering Under Trump Economic Policies

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Several recent news reports have noted that Latino-owned small businesses have been thriving under the economic policies implemented by the Trump administration. The source for these articles was an October 14 report compiled by Biz2Credit, which periodically publishes research studies.

Prayers for the President Continue in Washington and the White House

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From the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has encouraged prayers for himself and for the country. The TV evangelist who brought Trump to faith in Jesus Christ, Paula White, played a key role during his inauguration and then again during the president’s reelection rally in Orlando last June.

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